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Will a Fire Pit Harm Your Deck?

Many homeowners worry about this, and they should. The heat underneath a fire pit can be a real problem for decks, especially composite decks. Trex, the leading manufacturer of composite decking, recommends our product as the only safe alternative to custom building the deck around the fire pit, separated by an insulation material.
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A Thought for Homeowners

There is nothing quite like sitting around a campfire with close friends and family ... telling stories, roasting marshmallows or just sharing quiet moments staring into the fire. Now you can enjoy these special times while taking advantage of the comfort and convenience of your deck.
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DeckProtect™ resolves any concerns you may have about harming your valuable deck by using a fire pit. Our exclusive thermal barrier made of volcanic rock fiber will block the intense heat generated under a fire pit and keep it from reaching your decking boards. DeckProtect™ is built to last. It is completely weather proof and will provide years of service in all kinds of weather.
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DeckProtect™ is a patented product designed specifically for use under a fire pit. No other product has been tested by a leading manufacturer of composite decking and found to be completely effective.
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Our exclusive thermal barrier made from volcanic rock fiber is seated securely within the walls of the tray. This material, specially engineered to resist extreme heat, will easily block the heat under a fire pit.
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A sturdy tray made of heavy gauge aluminum 1/16” thick with sides 1/8" think has holes that will allow rain water to drain. Heavy duty rubber feet keep the tray elevated above the deck. This feature allows ventilation and helps to ensure that your deck will not suffer from mildew and staining. No other product has this feature.
New Aluminum Tray Construction

What Customers Say

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Good morning Tony,
I just wanted to follow up with you regarding our recent deck protect purchase.
We absolutely LOVE our deck protect. We've been using it for about a month now, fairly regularly, and couldn't be happier with the product. I was impressed with how light it is, which makes it easy to move and to store during the off season. It looks great on the deck, and because its raised we don't have to worry about the wood rotting underneath after the rain. 
I was looking high and low for a product that would allow us to have a fire pit without having to make a permanent landscape feature in our yard- and this is clearly the solution. I would highly recommend the Deck protect product. This is a great quality product that really lives up to its reputation.  
Tony, you were so easy to work with to arrange shipping to Canada and we received our order promptly. Thank you!
Feel free to use any part of this review. “
Jenna Hiron
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During a party last year, I learned the hard way that having a strong, protective barrier between a fire pit and Trex decking is not simply a luxury, but a necessity.  After burning for several hours, my ethanol fire pit produced enough heat to burn a hole through my outdoor rug and began to burn through several of my deck boards.  In the end, after being rescued by the local fire department, I was left with over $1000 worth of damage.  Luckily, after some research, I discovered DeckProtect. 

Thanks again for all of the help with the new DeckProtect.  We had a break in the rain for our launch party and it went off without a hitch.  The rug and pad seemed to work well, we didn't have any smoke despite having the fire burn all night.  

Andre Macklin, Atlanta, Georgia
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Shown at left (or above on a cell phone) is a beautiful rooftop deck in the heart of Atlanta, where Andre Macklin caters special events. Just visible under his fire table is a custom made DeckProtect. More about this setting.
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What the Largest Manufacturer of Composite Decking Said

10-13-14 Technical Sheet

Outdoor fire pits and fireplace use with Trex:
There are several factors to consider when using fire pits and fireplaces in conjunction with Trex decking. Most notably is the whether the fire will be gas or wood burning. Trex decking will soften as low as 176 degrees Fahrenheit.
Most of the fire pits in Trex ads that show a fire pit are gas burning. In this case the fire pit is installed by cutting around the Trex decking.
The fire pit is not installed on top of the Trex decking. A fire-resistant material is installed under the fire pit and a protective “wall” made of stone or other fire resistant material is installed to hold the fire pit in place and also to protect the decking from heat.
Wood burning fire pits are not recommended on top of Trex decking unless using a product called DeckProtect™. Wood burning fire pits can damage the decking due to the extreme heat from the bottom of the fire pit and/or burning embers “shooting” onto the decking. DeckProtect™ was tested on all Trex decking and there were no issues with burning of the decking surface when placed directly under a standard size portable fire pit along with the accompanying rack (check with manufacturer to determine size that would be needed). Trex does recommend that the DeckProtect™ padding/rack be moved from time to time for general cleaning underneath. For more information about this product please visit their website at
It should be noted that even when using DeckProtect™, burning embers could “shoot” beyond the protective mat and burn the deck.
Trex Technical Services
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How DeckProtect Got its start

Inventor Tony Potter always loved to entertain, especially around a fire pit with friends. He had his fire pit in the yard but wanted to move it to the deck. After days of searching on the net for the right product and finding nothing suitable, he decided to make something himself. He contacted someone in North Carolina that he found online, drove down there from his home in Richmond, Virginia. Together, they made the first prototype. It worked so well that his friends wanted one for their decks. In time, Tony decided to make it into a business, and he founded Infinite Heat Solutions in 2009. Currently DeckProtect is marketed and distributed by Allendale Fibertech Corporation under a licensing agreement with Infinite Heat Solutions. Allendale Fibertech has been the manufacturer since 2014.
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DeckProtect™ is manufactured at our plant in Allendale, South Carolina, near the Georgia border. We are a small company, and we take pride in making and packing each DeckProtect we send to a customer.


Octagonal DeckProtect™ brings a new esthetic to the product. More.
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Real World Test: What a fire pit actually does to a composite deck.

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Trex recommends DeckProtect in a technical data sheet for using a fire pit. Read More.
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