DeckProtect on a wood deck

Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

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Safe use of a fire pit on your deck

This Old House Magazine
Recommended by the Experts
When This Old House magazine did a section "All About Fire Pits," they included a write-up on DeckProtect™. Here is what they said:
"A fire screen can contain errant sparks and embers on a wood deck, but composite decking needs to be protected from the bowl as well. A metal fire pit can reach up to 800°F, pushing 200° to 400° of radiant heat onto decking; plastics soften at 176° and melt between 250° and 350°. A thermal barrier can prevent high heat from warping composites. DeckProtect (shown) is an aluminum tray, perforated for drainage, that contains flameproof basalt rock-fiber insulation. Choose one the size of the fire pit’s circumference to fit between the legs or, better yet, with all four legs on the mat."
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Beware of bad ideas on the Internet

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“My thought was that the granite would protect the deck surface from the heat of the fire pit.” Read More
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“We had been using a flame-proof fire pit mat, but the radiant heat caused the wood to start smoldering under the mat.”
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Testing DeckProtect™
Can we stop this from happening? We built a special test deck so we could burn a lot of fires to see what really happens and how well DeckProtect performs.
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Outdoor Living Online

As a section on this site, our online magazine offers creative ideas and valuable information that will be of interest to anyone looking to improve their outdoor experience at home. There is a lot of information about composite decking as well as a number of other articles. Click here.
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Cover photo by Phil Dickinson
New Article:
Review: The Breeo X Series 24 Smokeless fire pit is really an engineered wood burning system.
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Composite Deck Test

shows effects using a fire pit on samples of composite and PVC decking.

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DeckProtect™ has almost unlimited options and choices to cover all fire pits and fire tables. One size does not fit all. Choose from 5 different standard sizes for the Square and multiple sizes for the premium square or octagon. Choose the finish color: polished aluminum, black, copper, or dark bronze. Need something different? Ask us for a custom size square, rectangle, or octagon. You can even request a special color.
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Because we build DeckProtect one at a time as orders come in, and because we have had a rush of orders

Production time is currently running 3-4 weeks.

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"Attached is a photo of our deck protect in action! We love that we don’t have to worry about our concrete patio being damaged. Thanks for the great product and great service."
Bobby Jarrard, Hiawassee, GA

Check out our gallery of customer photos.
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Fire Pits with Very Small Feet may press into the basalt board of a DeckProtect. There is an easy solution. Read More.
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New Offer

We really want to hear from customers what they think of our product. Therefore we are asking customers after they receive their DeckProtect to visit this unique gift site and Not buy anything but choose something and let us know so we can send it to them as a way of saying thank you for their photos or valuable input. Check out the gift site.
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New T-Shirt

We changed our t-shirt design to make it more universal (It does not have our logo.) and more dynamic. It is available on the purchase page for $19.95, which includes shipping. But you don't need to purchase this item. Get if as our gift when you send us good photos of your DeckProtect in use.
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