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A campfire is about being together with friends.

Great Smokey Mountains with a Cowboy Cauldron
The Cowboy Cauldron Company really understands how people enjoy hanging out with friends around a good fire. The photo above was taken by a Cowboy Cauldron customer on trail ride in the Great Smokey Mountains. They took their fire pit with them.
cowboy cauldron web site
On this web site, we want to share links to other sites that we believe are really worth checking out. Cowboy Cauldron is not only a beautiful web site, but also a great American-made product.

Photos on this page are courtesy of the Cowboy Cauldron Company.

The Cowboy Cauldron Company

Cowboy Cauldron at the beach
We were introduced to this company’s fire pits by a DeckProtect customer who wanted to use her Cowboy Cauldron on her roof-top deck, and we were very impressed, not only by the quality of their products, but also by how well they capture the American spirit of outdoor camaraderie.
The hanging fire pit and tripod are really hand made by Americans from American made steel. The company is certain that their products will be around for your great grandchildren to enjoy.
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