Fire Pits on Decks

Using a Fire Pit on a Deck

I tried googling “using a fire pit on a deck” and was surprised by the web sites Google recommended. A few advertised “Deck Safe Fire Pits,” but when I checked the web site, I saw fire pits that were no different from others, so it is not at all clear why they would use that term to come up in search. A few web sites advertised that they knew all about using a fire pit on a deck. And when I got to the recommendations, they said be sure to use a “pad under the fire pit.” …. no mention of what kind of pad. Other sites said to place pavers on the deck under the fire pit. That might help, but you would not want to leave those pavers there for more than a day or two because of the moisture that will get trapped between the pavers and the deck. Some web sites say that wood burning fire pits can start a fire on a deck, but gas burning fire tables are safe. We have a customer in Atlanta who had to call the fire department and replace sections of Trex decking after using a fire table on his deck. (deck damage in Atlanta page)

We are not claiming that DeckProtect™ is the only way you can enjoy a fire pit on your deck, but it does seem to be the only solution that is designed specifically for the purpose… the only one that is both effective and convenient, and the only solution recommended by Trex. (page about Trex recommendation) As with any other topic, you need to be skeptical about what you read online. Not all advice is good advice.