Fire Pits

Cooking Over a Fire Pit

Cooking-a-hot-dogMaybe at the ball park on an early summer evening, when your team is winning. Maybe then, but it is hard to imagine that a hot dog could ever taste better than when it is cooked on a skewer over a wood fire. Fire pits are for staring into, and sharing time with friends or family, but they can also be the way to enjoy dinner, especially when dinner is hotdogs with roasted marshmallows for dessert. If you have kids, you will see wonder in their eyes as they watch their dinner being roasted. There is magic in a wood fire for everyone, but especially for kids, and especially when hot dogs and marshmallows are involved. So if your fire pit is gathering dust, think about making it a part of your family dinner plans on the next appropriate evening. This is not a stock photo. I ate this hot dog after taking the picture with my iPhone, and it was delicious. Made me believe I am a pretty good cook.