Porches vs. Decks

Porches and Decks


I think of porches as being old fashioned and representing a traditional life style. However, according to a 2014 survey, 76% of home builders said that new homes are likely to include a front porch.

I may not have read it right, but in any event, along with granite counter tops, walk-in closets, and "great rooms," front porches are in. They are believed to add "curb appeal" and therefore value to a home. A front porch might be a small structure for the front door, or it might be a larger space where you could hang out and watch the world going by. But if you want to spend relaxing time reading a book or chatting with friends, do you really want to be in the front of your house where all passersby can watch you? So some people say that the difference between a deck and porch is that the deck is usually on the back of your house, but in reality a porch or a deck could be anywhere depending upon how you want to use it and on the surrounding landscape.

So what is the difference between a porch and deck? The simple answer is that a porch has a roof, and a deck is open. A deck is for outdoor living, and a porch is somewhere in between outdoors and indoors. You can sit on a porch and watch the rain come down. A porch will have columns or posts to support the roof, adding to a semi-indoor feeling. You can add screens to the side of a porch to keep insects out in summer. A porch floor is more like an interior floor with no space between the floor boards. Porch furniture can be more like indoor furniture. And if you are considering adding a porch to an existing house, you will find it much more expensive…. naturally, because of the roof.

You would never use a wood-burning fire pit on a porch, but you might use a gas-burning fire table…. in which case you would want to take certain precautions such as having a DeckProtect under it to protect the flooring.

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