The Magic of Fire

The Compelling Magic of Fires

What is it about a fire that is so engaging? There must be something buried deep in human nature, going back thousands of years. To say that appreciating fire is a connection to our caveman roots is really not so much of a stretch. After all much of human nature and behavior has a very long history. So in the modern world where we can cook our food in a microwave and keep warm with the turn of a dial on a home thermostat, why do we need fire?

For cooking and staying warm, we don’t need fire, but for our spiritual comfort, perhaps we do. I am old enough to remember a world, not only without cell phones, but also without TV. My family had a TV for about two of my growing up years. It was a big box, bought second-hand, that had a fuzzy black and white image. Most of my youth was free of television. We spent our time doing other things, playing outdoors, building models, making things, reading, playing monopoly, building forts in the woods, and a lot of very special time gazing into a campfire or fireplace. Looking back, I remember a rich childhood, lacking nothing really.

I think the popularity of fire pits has something to do with reconnecting with our basic human nature.