The Thing About Fire Tables


Fire tables are more and more popular with homeowners. Not without good reason; they have a lot of advantages and great features. All of the fire tables we have seen burn gas, not wood. This means you don't have to buy or cut firewood, and there is no clean up. They also have a certain elegance about them that you don't get with a wood-burning fire pit. When you have really nice upholstered deck or patio furniture, a fire table fits in nicely. While you would not expect the relatively small flame from the gas fire to generate as much heat as a raging wood fire, the heat tends to get trapped below the burn area. Most fire tables have enclosed case-like structures. They look great, but there is nowhere for the heat to go… so it builds up. And this is where you could run into a problem for the surface underneath. In some cases our square DeckProtect will fit your fire table well. In many cases the fire table will be rectangular, not square. The solution is to simply measure the length and width and then go to our custom sizes page to place your order.