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Using a Fire Pit on a Composite Deck

Since composite decking generally incorporates the use of recycled plastic bottles as well has wood particles, it is vulnerable to excessive heat and can be more easily damaged by a fire pit than natural wood decking. Trex warns customers that its decking can “soften” at temperatures as low as 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Composite decking has many advantages, but it does call for greater caution when using a fire pit. Read more.

Safe Use of a Fire Pit on a deck?

Intentionally start a fire on a wooden deck connected to your home? Are you Crazy?
The answer of course is Yes. You are totally nuts…. Unless of course you take the precautions necessary to assure that no harm will come to your deck or your home. Read more.
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Deck Fires

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The photo above, taken by the Berwyn, PA fire department, shows a fire caused by ashes from a charcoal grill. Damage to the home, which included extensive smoke damage to the interior was estimated at $150,000. (source:

Thousands of fires every year destroy residential decks . Often a deck fire will spread to the rest of the home and cause over $100,000 in damage. While many of the newspaper accounts of these fires end with a statement such as "the cause of the fire is under investigation," it is quite clear that in most cases, fire results when a homeowner fails to take sensible precautions.

Idea for Using a Chiminea or Fire Pit on a Deck

We are certain that creative people everywhere are using fire pits on decks in ways we never would have thought of. Send us your ideas, photos, drawings, or plans. We would love to see them. If we put it on this site, you will receive the "Light my Fire" T-shirt.

Shown below, Rick Washburn came up with idea of surrounding his DeckProtect with bricks to create a natural look.
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Elegance in Atlanta

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We were introduced to Atlanta entrepreneur Andre Macklin when he contacted us for a solution that would enable him to use his fire table on his spectacular rooftop deck without having to worry about the damage it would cause.
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Andre has taken advantage of his spacious rooftop deck with spectacular views of the Atlanta skyline to build a business called Rooftop Events Atlanta.
More about Andre's Deck and Fire Table
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