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Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

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Manufacturers of Composite Decking

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This article covers some of the best known composite decking manufacturers (there are others) and does not include makers of all-plastic decking such as Azek. This section of our web site purely editorial; no company has paid for inclusion. The inclusion of any deck products company on this site is not intended to imply that the company recommends our product. Many of our customers will be choosing to build their new decks with composite decking so we have created this section to provide information on the subject.
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First to market this alternative to wood decking in 1996 and the leader in the industry today, Trex has expanded into a number of related products.
Read more.
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Now partnered with Azek, TimberTech offers a full range of composite decking. Read more.
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Based in North Carolina, Fiberon has been developing its composite decking products since 1997. Read more.
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Based in Arizona, the maker of this brand, Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies (AERT), has combined a dedication to recycling with technology to make its composite resistant to moisture. Read more.
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Based near the east coast of Maine, this company produces composite decking with some unique qualities that differentiate it from others . Read more.
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Other Composite Brands

A number of other companies have entered the field of composite decking with an interesting range of products. Read More
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