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Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

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TimberTech Composite Decking

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This company from Wilmington, Ohio entered the composite decking business in 1997 with a single color. Since then the company has improved its product with several variations and colors. In 2012 TimberTech® was purchased by CPG Building Products, the company that also owns Azek of Skokie, Illinois. The corporate headquarters moved to Chicago in late 2018, but TimberTech manufacturing continues in Ohio. In effect, TimberTech has joined forces with Azek with integrated marketing. TimberTech is capped wood/plastic composite, and Azek products or "capped polymer" with no wood or organic materials. While each has its own web site, each web site offers the other's products. The composite is lumber mill and/or furniture factory by-products (ground up wood particles) mixed with recycled plastics and binding agents. TimberTech also offers railing components, lighting, fastening systems, and porch boards. The web site is

Timbertech offers two lines of decking, each with its own look and color palette. The Timbertech Pro line is divided into three collections. The Legacy Collection features "hand-scraped" texture and dramatic colors. Each board is unique, which makes for a visually interesting and appealing deck. The colors offered are; Ashwood, Espresso, Mocha, Pecan, Tigerwood, Whitewash Cedar, and Sapelle.

The Pro Tropical Collection with pronounced grain patterns is designed to emulate "exotic" woods. The colors in this collection are Amazon Mist, Antigua Gold, Antique Palm, and Caribbean Redwood, which is quite dark.

The Pro Terrain Collection has some solid colors and some "moderately variegated" colors: Brown Oak, Sandy Birch, Stone Ash, Silver Maple, and (dark) Rustic Elm.

The Edge Collections are monochromatic to achieve the look of painted or stained opaque wood. The colors include Dark Teak, Maritime Gray.

Of course the names of the colors really do not tell the story. You need to spend time on the TimberTech web site and carefully compare the colors. You can request a sample to be sure of your selection.

TimberTech decking boards are available in solid, grooved, and scalloped profiles.

As informative as the web site is, the 2019 catalog provides an easier way to see all the products. You can download (or view) the catalog at the following link:
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Above: Pro Legacy Collection - Tigerwood achieves the looks of real wood with non-solid color and a difference between one board and the next. The three collections within the Pro line are available in a total of 16 different colors. TimberTech Pro decking is capped on all 4 sides and carries a 30-year warranty.
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The TimberTech Edge Collection with a choice of four different colors has the look of a solid color. Above: Edge Prime in Maritime Gray. TimberTech Edge decking is capped on 3 sides and comes with a 25-year warranty.
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The TimberTech Porch collection offers 9 different colors. Since porches are, by definition, covered by a roof and not open to rain and snow, porch boards are designed to have no gaps between them. The tongue and groove boards are offered in two widths: 3.5" and 5.5", which means you can use both for a more interesting and natural look.
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TimberTech also offers weather-proof railing systems from a traditional New England look to a modern tropical look.
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Nothing adds to the magical ambiance of a deck in the evening like well placed lighting. Timber tech offers a number of different types of lights to place strategically on your deck.
The photos on this page are from the TimberTech web site:
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