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Protect your deck or patio from the heat of a fire pit.

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Trex Composite Decking

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First to introduce composite decking in 1996, Trex remains the clear leader in this growing industry. In 2017, the company had over a half billion dollars in sales. Its products also include deck railing and framing as well as fencing, lighting, and outdoor furniture. The idea for composite decking was really twofold. Not only does Trex® provide homeowners with a decking board that is "fade, stain, scratch, and mold resistant," it is also made of 95% recycled materials. This is true of most composite decking in varying degrees, but it was Trex that led the way. The company offers three different lines, Transcend®, Enhance®, and Select®, each with its own palette of of colors to choose from. It not clear on the company's web site what the differences are other than color, but they may be priced differently. Trex also has its own fastening systems: Hideaway® fasteners for grooved boards and wooden joists and Elevations® fasteners for use with steel framing. The fasteners set the perfect gap between boards while holding them firm invisibly below the surface… no exposed nail or screw heads. Trex products are available through both Lowes and Home Depot as well as many building supply outlets. Trex® is based in Winchester, VA. Its primary web site is: It also sponsors and idea and information web site:
Shown: Trex® Transcend® deck board in the Tiki Torch color. The embossed grain in the capping and streaked coloring creates the appearance of real wood. Trex decking is available with or without grooves. The grooves accommodate the Trex® Hideaway® hidden fastening system.
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The company's dedication to being environmentally friendly results in a product that is 95% recycled materials. Every year, Trex keeps 400 million pounds of wood and plastic from going into land fills. Every 500 square feet of decking board represents 140,000 plastic bags. Plastic film is cleaned, ground up and mixed with sawdust from reclaimed wood. The mix is then heated and extruded to make the board shape. Then the board is capped with an outer layer of plastic that not only provides rich color and texture but also makes the product resistant to mold, mildew, fading, staining, and scratching.

Over the years Trex has expanded its offerings to include related products including railing systems, fence and lattice, deck and landscape lighting, fastening systems, outdoor furniture, and even spiral stairs. It is the only decking company I know of that also offers a steel alternative to using treated lumber for the structure under the deck.

Special Recognition
Green Builder Magazine is “the nation’s oldest and best known ….publication dedicated to green building, remodeling and building science.” Green Builder follows and reports on progress made by companies that are working to make their manufacturing processes eco-friendly, investing in recycling and generally leading industry in combating climate change.

In 2017 Trex was recognized as the “Greenest Decking” brand for the 7th year in a row. And the Trex® Signature© aluminum railing system made Green Builder’s list of “Hot 50 Products.” In 2016 Trex was recognized by Home Depot as the Environmental Vendor of the year. These are just a few of the many instances in which the company has been recognized for its accomplishments.

It is not just what is in the decking and railing products and how they improve the environmental sustainability of a home; it is also in minimizing the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Even though and, in fact,
because Trex has been followed by other companies working hard to compete with environmentally friendly decking, Trex deserves credit for the original concept and for inspiring other companies to follow. Read more
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Above: This photo with Trex® Transcend® decking and railing and Trex Outdoor Furniture™ illustrates the range of decking products the company offers. Transcend® is available in 10 different colors that are streaked for a realistic look.
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Trex® Enhance® deck with Transcend® railing and another example of Trex® Outdoor Furniture®. Enhance® is available in 8 different colors. All Trex decking is 95% recycled plastic, wood, and sawdust.
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Above: Trex® Select® decking, available in 5 different colors, is more affordable and still features "high performance shell technology" and comes with a 25-year limited fade and stain warranty. The railing in this photo is classic white Trex® Select® Railing.
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An example of how well developed the Trex product line is, this Signature® rod rail is one of the company's many railing styles from traditional look of painted wooden post and baluster to the latest ideas. The Trex web site is also very well developed with enough ideas and information to keep reading for a week. For example, there is a "pairings" page in which you can click on a deck color sample and see three railing options that are complementary.
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Trex Decklighting™ is available for installing in post caps (shown), rails, stair risers, and even in the deck boards. All are LED low energy with 3000K warm color.
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If you are thinking about hiring a contractor to build your new deck or planning to build it yourself, you should spend time on the Trex web site. The site has pages upon pages of really valuable advice as well as tons of photos that will give you ideas.
The photos on this page are from the Trex web site:
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